2018 Race Results

Congratulations & Thank You

Congratulations, everyone! Our sincerest thank you to all participants in this year’s first annual Mesothelioma Race for Justice 5K! Thanks to the hard work of every runner, walker, volunteer, organizer, and partner, the race was a wonderful success.

On race day, 75 runners and 50 supporters enjoyed the fall weather at the beautiful Lake County Forest Preserve Half Day location, complete with snacks, music, and more. Congratulations to all of our raffle winners and race participants; your contributions helped raise over $1000 on race day alone! We were grateful to see so many supporters, runners, and walkers whose families have been touched by mesothelioma.

Together, we raised over $6000 in entries, sponsorships, and donations for this year’s charity partner, the Mesothelioma Applied Research Foundation. These funds will support crucial cutting-edge research into mesothelioma treatment methods that bring us closer to a cure.

Plans are already in the works for the 2019 Mesothelioma Race for Justice. To receive regular updates about upcoming Vogelzang Law events and hear more about next year’s race, join our newsletter.

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2018 MRFJ Recap

2018 Course Map

Race Results

OverallNameBib No.CityAG PlaceTimePace
1Brittney Mills193Vernon Hills IL1 Top Fin19:19.36:14/M
2Andrew Warren438Middletown NY1 Top Fin19:37.56:20/M
3Michael Flynn404Lombard IL1 M 0-1920:59.06:46/M
4Wilson Diaz399Chicago IL1 M 30-3922:12.77:10/M
5Bobbie Irvin192Chicago IL1 M 20-2922:27.87:15/M
6Bill Blaettler185Oak Lawn IL2 M 30-3923:40.67:38/M
7Will Capito394Arlington Heights IL2 M 0-1923:57.47:44/M
8Jacob Lindsey412Oak Forest IL3 M 0-1924:42.97:58/M
9Mike Martinez414Chicago IL3 M 30-3925:06.28:06/M
10Nicholas Vogelzang437Chicago IL1 M 40-4925:06.98:06/M
11Terrence Vasser434Bolingbrook IL2 M 40-4925:07.28:06/M
12Joseph Bernau390Chicago IL2 M 20-2925:16.78:09/M
13Caylei Vogelzang436Chicago IL1 F 30-3925:25.48:12/M
14Jessica Sahyouni423Highland Park IL1 F 20-2925:56.88:22/M
15Tucker Smith427Madison WI3 M 20-2926:12.38:27/M
16Ryan McGrath452Chicago IL4 M 30-3926:14.68:28/M
17Chris Conway187Fox River Grove IL4 M 20-2926:37.98:35/M
18Jeff Burd4543 M 40-4926:48.98:39/M
19Jill Capito393Arlington Heights IL1 F 40-4927:18.78:48/M
20Becky Watt230Chicago IL2 F 30-3927:34.48:54/M
21Stephen Hartley446Lake Forest IL4 M 40-4927:36.28:54/M
22Melissa Silis424Lagrange IL3 F 30-3927:52.58:59/M
23James Bryant441Libertyville IL1 M 50-5927:56.59:01/M
24Eric Zavilla232Palatine IL5 M 40-4928:25.29:10/M
25Tracy Rosenstiehl422Palos Hills IL2 M 50-5928:31.19:12/M
26Nick Feipel402Lagrange IL6 M 40-4928:53.39:19/M
27Bridget Stern428Madison WI2 F 20-2928:55.29:20/M
28Rafe Terpstra431Kouts IN7 M 40-4929:00.79:21/M
29Tamara Smith445Dekalb IL2 F 40-4929:13.79:25/M
30Gerad Woolley440Canandaigua NY5 M 30-3929:23.29:29/M
31Mark Garvin442Friendswood TX3 M 50-5929:31.39:31/M
32Radhakrishnan Ponisseril196Wheeling IL6 M 30-3929:55.39:39/M
33Randy Russell198Mchenry IL8 M 40-4930:53.39:58/M
34David Sliwicki426Lake Forest IL4 M 50-5930:53.69:58/M
35Beba Georgieva405Chicago IL4 F 30-3931:17.610:05/M
36Tomas Cabrera392Northbrook IL5 M 20-2931:17.810:05/M
37Kevin Lindsey413Oak Forest IL5 M 50-5931:36.810:12/M
38Sean Watt231Chicago IL7 M 30-3932:12.910:23/M
39Richard Stern229Fitchburg WI1 M 60-6932:14.410:24/M
40Ben Borucki447Deerfield IL4 M 0-1932:26.610:28/M
41Kristen Borucki448Deerfield IL3 F 40-4932:26.810:28/M
42Susan Bryant391Libertyville IL1 F 50-5933:58.510:57/M
43Kristina Berkover457Chicago IL3 F 20-2934:49.811:14/M
44Pranjalee Desai190Deerfield IL5 F 30-3935:36.311:29/M
45Caleen Kennedy453Chicago IL6 F 30-3937:24.812:04/M
46Tony Coughlan398Lake Forest IL2 M 60-6938:59.912:35/M
47Karol Rini421Waukegan IL2 F 50-5939:16.112:40/M
48Cynthia Herman409Mount Prospect IL3 F 50-5939:31.512:45/M
49Cash Terpstra443Kouts IN5 M 0-1939:39.512:47/M
50Wyatt Berkover458Chicago IL6 M 20-2939:40.212:48/M
51Emily Butler451Prospect Heights IL4 F 20-2942:55.413:51/M
52Christine Veleta435Chicago IL7 F 30-3943:42.514:06/M
53Peter Tyor433Winnetka IL1 M 70-7945:39.214:44/M
54Pamela Morrison417Bourbonnais IL4 F 50-5946:18.214:56/M
55Chloe Morrison416Chicago IL5 F 20-2946:18.314:56/M
56Kim Russell197Mchenry IL4 F 40-4946:28.314:59/M
57Charlotte Cavinder396Kouts IN5 F 50-5946:56.915:08/M
58Irene Nevitt444Antioch IL6 F 50-5950:30.216:17/M
59Marla Hannon408San Pierre IN7 F 50-5951:15.216:32/M
60Kyle Lindsey455Oak Forest IL6 M 0-1951:47.316:42/M
61Billy Lindsey456Oak Forest IL7 M 0-1951:47.516:42/M
62Debbie Lindsey411Oak Forest IL5 F 40-4951:47.816:42/M
63Chris Hagn191Countryside IL9 M 40-4956:38.818:16/M
64Ali Cassity395Chicago IL6 F 20-2957:20.518:30/M
65Joe Trunk432Glen Ellyn IL7 M 20-2957:20.918:30/M
66Wendy Debias189Chicago IL6 F 40-4957:40.218:36/M
67Dawn Debias188Chicago IL8 F 50-5957:40.418:36/M
68Kevin Hannon407San Pierre IN10 M 40-4957:48.918:39/M
69Jerry Bechtold389Kouts IN6 M 50-5957:49.118:39/M
70Jonathan Oros194Crystal Lake IL8 M 20-2902:28.420:09/M
71Stephanie Oros195Barrington IL7 F 20-2902:28.720:09/M
72Jennifer Butler450Prospect Heights IL1 F 0-1902:56.320:18/M
73Robert Butler449Prospect Heights IL7 M 50-5903:22.720:26/M
74Joel Skinner425Vernon Hills IL3 M 60-6906:33.821:28/M
75Wandamaye Slupik199Chicago IL7 F 40-4906:54.321:35/M