2018 Course Map

The Natural Scene at Lake County Forest Preserve Half Day

Half Day provides the opportunity to see the powerful effects of water and fire. Prior to settlement by Europeans, human and natural caused fires were an important disturbance that helped shape the natural communities we find along the Des Plaines River. As a result, Half Day, which is situated west of the river, supports the oaks and prairie plants that thrived under fire’s influence. Though many natural areas at Half Day were degraded by farming, some survived and others are being restored.

In spring, the bridge between Half Day and Wright Woods is a popular place to spot migrating songbirds such as the yellow-rumped warbler and northern waterthrush. These migrants use the river’s greenway as a stopping place on their journey north. Later in the summer, look for nesting field birds throughout these preserves. Eastern bluebirds, tree swallows and red-tailed hawks are commonly seen in the more open area. Wood ducks, scarlet tanagers and ovenbirds use woodlands for nesting.

Mesothelioma Race for Justice Course Map

2018 Race Results

Top Finishers
  1. Brittney Mills – 19:19.3
  2. Andrew Warren – 19:37.3
  3. Michael Flynn – 20:59.0
  4. Wilson Diaz – 22:12.7
  5. Bobbie Irvin – 22:27.8
  6. Bill Blaettler – 23:40.6
  7. Will Capito – 23:57.4
  8. Jacob Lindsey – 24:42.9
  9. Mike Martinez – 25:06.2
  10. Nicholas Vogelzang – 25:06.9

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