Sponsor Appreciation

Vogelzang Law is delighted and humbled by the gracious support of our sponsors.  One of our top priorities for the event is to assist our sponsors in getting the most out of their generous contributions. By sponsoring this event, organizations and individuals are given multiple angles and opportunities to activate their sponsorship.  In addition to traditional branding, we work hand in hand with our sponsors to help them achieve their goals and optimize the race-day sponsorship experience.

Race Sponsors

Mesothelioma Applied Research Foundation

As the only nonprofit charity organization dedicated to ending mesothelioma and the suffering it causes, MARF funds research, provides education and support for patients and their families, and advocates for federal funding of mesothelioma research.

Cook County Building & Construction Trades Council

The Council represents approximately 100,000 working men and women from 24 affiliated organizations in the union construction trades for the Chicago and Cook County area. The purpose of the Council is to promote harmony and goodwill among the affiliates to enhance the positions of organized labor, serving the building trades in particular, and its issues in business, government, and education.

Chicago Wolves

The Chicago Wolves began as an International Hockey League franchise, and the team won the Turner Cup in 1998 and 2000. Their commitment to winning championships and providing a terrific show remains as strong as ever. Charitable causes—such as A Silver Lining Foundation, the American Liver Foundation, the Bear Necessities Pediatric Cancer Foundation, the Little Heroes Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation, the Special Olympics, and Willow House—are near and dear to the Chicago Wolves Organization.

Fleet Feet

Fleet Feet’s welcoming environment offers runners, walkers, and fitness enthusiasts of all abilities unparalleled service and support. They aim to help you find the right “fit” in every facet of your active lifestyle. Fleet Feet is committed to enhancing and growing the local running and walking communities while also offering educational and training resources to achieve fitness goals.

Rush University

As an academic health system, Rush University’s mission is to improve the health of the people and diverse communities it serves through the integration of outstanding patient care, education, research, and community partnerships.

Hinkley Springs

Hinckley Springs embraces responsible behaviors putting the good of their constituents above all else. They promote the health and wellness benefits of water, coffee, and tea while giving back to the communities they serve. Hinckley Springs protects the planet we inhabit by sourcing and processing responsibly. Hydration is an important part of a healthy lifestyle which is why Hinckley Springs provides sponsorship to local 5Ks and volunteer events.


Lifeway Foods’ mission to provide the best in probiotic and nutritious foods began in 1986 when they first produced Lifeway Kefir! They aim to improve the health of their customers by leaving the world in a better place than they found it.

Safe + Fair Food Company

The Safe + Fair Food Company’s mission is to provide safe, clean-label food for millions of families at fair prices. Their clean-label products include rigorous testing, clear labels, and affordable prices so families can easily make decisions about which products work for them.